Creature eye sketch

Sketch of a close up of an eye for a t-Rex design. Unfortunately this is a Xerox or color copy of the original it was sketched in 1992 and the original was lost so this is all I have. Original was color pencil on Canson paper


Alice in wonderland stage show concepts

Some quick sketches and designs for an Alice in Wonderland stage show that we were going to do several years ago.

Let’s start with the March Hare.


Being true to the original novels this was a sketch for the Duchess design.


My friend keith boyd who is going to be the actor who betrayed the Mad Hatter this is him as a quick sketch as the Mad Hatter.


It would be nice to get to do this show there are several other designs but I don’t think it’s necessary to put them all up here. Jabberwocky was going to be a 10 foot tall marionette puppet using the fly loft. I think it would have been really impressive weather not the show see the light of day and still up in the air.

The Terminator

So 22 years or so ago give or take a year or 2 I tried to design and build my own Terminator endoskeleton. It was my first year in college and I thought it would be a really cool project to undertake. The first step was to do a full scale design sketch of the Terminator endoskeleton as I pieced it together from the movies before of course all the manuals and things are out like they are now. This sketch is all that remains of the full size drawing at least its the top half with a head.